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Retail Pharmacy Sites — How They Work

AmeriTrial has a database of large chain and independent retail pharmacies experienced in conducting OTC trials.  These sites have the physical facilities, staffing and patient recruitment capability required to conduct a large trial.  The actual trial location and space within the pharmacy site can be configured in one of two areas, 1) Sales Floor:  Trial site is located in a designated 75-100 square foot area on the main retail sales floor of the pharmacy and defined by crowd control stanchions and appropriate signage.  The designated area is permanent for the duration of the trial, configured and appropriately equipped for conducting the trial, or 2) Privacy Site:  The trial is conducted within the pharmacy site in a private office or conference room.  The office or conference room is identified with appropriate signage and directions located in key traffic areas of the store.

There are two options in staffing pharmacy OTC sites, 1) Pharmacy Personnel:  Qualified and experienced pharmacy employees are designated and trained by AmeriTrial to conduct the trial, and 2) Contract Staffing:  At the sponsor's option, AmeriTrial will staff the site with experienced clinical research personnel residing within the metro area in which the pharmacy site is located.

The sponsor makes the final decision on which type location within the pharmacy is most appropriate, sales floor or private space, and type of staffing based on trial-specific requirements.

Representative Pharmacy Sites (Following are exterior/interior views of representative Pharmacy Sites.)

Typical Pharmacy Sites

Some Advantages of Pharmacy Sites

  • Real-life, retail environment
  • Heavy in-store traffic may augment patient recruiting
  • May enhance patient confidence in trial
  • Observe and document actual consumer (study participants) behavior in a retail environment


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