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Storefront Sites — What Are They? How They Work

Storefront sites are actual (vacant) retail stores located in large shopping centers that AmeriTrial has leased and equipped as OTC clinical research sites.  The look and feel like a retail store and the interior configuration can be adapted to represent any retail environment desired.  The storefront sites are staffed with a range of trained and experienced clinical research personnel as specified in the protocol, i.e., any combination of physicians, pharmacists, registered nurses and medical technicians.   Storefront sites can be developed quickly in any geographic/demographic area in the USA.

Representative Storefront Sites (Following are interior/exterior views of representative Storefront sites.)

Typical Storefront Sites

Some Advantages of Storefront Sites

  • Actual retail stores located in large, well-known shopping centers
  • Interior can be configured to present any retail environment desired
  • No restrictions on operating hours (i.e., 8 hours, 12 hours, 16 hours)
  • Can be open/operated on weekends
  • Can be staffed to accommodate any level of patient appointments
  • Cost-effective in reducing time required to reach enrollment objectives and complete trial
  • Participating trial ‘patients’ express positive feelings about the storefront environment


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