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AmeriTrial is a full service CRO with corporate headquarters in Annapolis, Maryland.

The company conducts Phase III-IV clinical trials and specializes in designing and conducting Rx-to-OTC switch trials, OTC actual use studies and post approval OTC studies for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and consumer products industries. AmeriTrial also operates a 24-hour/7-day Medical Response Center, staffed by physicians, that provides telephonic communications between investigators, trial participants, private medical doctors and sponsor technicians during a trial.

AmeriTrial was founded in 1994 by its current president and CEO, Gerald F. Dunaway, PhD, MBA, following a 34-year career with the Procter & Gamble Company.  The company’s core strategy is to deliver total customer satisfaction . . . . driven by a focused dedication to good science, accountability, innovation and cost-effectiveness.

In designing and conducting clinical trials, AmeriTrial delivers 'value added benefits' that differentiates the company and its services within the CRO industry.  Some of the ‘value added benefits’ are:

Performance.  AmeriTrial delivers total quality.  80% of current year annual revenue is repeat business.
Client Relations.  AmeriTrial operates as a seamless extension of the client's clinical research department.  In each trial, AmeriTrial personnel are quickly and efficiently integrated with the client's trial team and systems.

Communications.  AmeriTrial's size and "flat" organizational structure insures prompt and direct communications with the client at every organizational level.

Innovation.  AmeriTrial is a problem solving organization committed to developing "solutions" for industry-wide problems, i.e., patient recruitment; investigator selection; investigator and site personnel training and cost control.

Site Personnel Training.  Continuous training is administered at all levels throughout the trial.  When appropriate, AmeriTrial will staff investigator sites to insure accuracy and timely completion of the trial.

OTC Retail Sites.  AmeriTrial develops and staffs ‘real-life’ retail sites located in major shopping centers for conducting OTC ‘switch’ trials and OTC actual use studies.  ‘Actual consumer behavior’ in self-selecting and using OTC and/or potential OTC self-care products can be observed and documented in these retail sites.

Telephonic Medical Response Center.  A 24-hour telephonic Medical Response Center staffed with board-certified physicians is available to provide around-the-clock telephonic communication between investigators, trial participants, private medical doctors and sponsor technicians during the trial.

Flexibility.  AmeriTrial is small enough to handle the smallest trial but has the expertise and resources to handle large and complex trials.

Client Satisfaction.  AmeriTrial is committed to total client satisfaction on every trial – whatever it takes!




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