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CRO services tend to be generically described with sound-alike and look-alike terminology. This gives rise to the question, "Other than cost, how do you differentiate CRO's and the services they offer?"

AmeriTrial goes beyond the basic, generic CRO services by offering innovative "added benefits" that improves trial results, accelerates completion of the trial and reduce costs. We call these benefits "The AmeriTrial Difference!" Some examples are:

Problem Solving. AmeriTrial develops trial-specific solutions for industry problems that may negatively impact the cost and quality of the trial, i.e., site/investigator selection, patient recruitment, site personnel training, EDC and on-time completion.

Innovation. AmeriTrial seeks a 'better way' to conduct trials that improve results and reduce costs.

Investigator/Patient Recruitment. AmeriTrial has developed a regional recruiting system for identifying qualified investigators and recruiting patients. This regional approach is effective in identifying fresh, qualified and motivated investigators and in discovering untapped pools of potential patients. The results — motivated investigators; an accelerated rate of enrollment and reduction in recruiting costs.

Innovative OTC Retail Sites. AmeriTrial develops, real-life retail sites for conducting OTC trials. These retail sites enable researchers to observe, document and better understand patterns of consumer behavior as they self-select, purchase and use OTC products in an OTC retail environment.

Training. AmeriTrial administers continuous personnel training at every level of the trial, from pre-initiation through completion. This continuous training significantly improves trial team performance throughout the trial.

Cost Effectiveness. A trial-specific cost effectiveness model is developed and reviewed at each critical point in the trial. AmeriTrial is committed to finding the most cost-effective way to complete each trial.

Customer Satisfaction. Deliver total customer (client) satisfaction — Whatever it takes!



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