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AmeriTrial operates a 24-hour/7-day Toll-free Medical Response Center (call study doctor) to support, at the sponsorís option, Phase III-IV trials and OTC switch and use trials.  The Medical Response Center is staffed with licensed physicians who are thoroughly trained in each protocol.

The purpose of the center is to provide each sponsor, at their election, the capability of offering study participants an opportunity to talk with a study doctor at anytime during the study (24/7).  When a sponsor elects to use the response center, the physicians (study doctors) are listed as "sub-investigators" on FDA 1572.  The physicians (study doctors) are available on a 24-hour/7-day basis to respond to calls and answer study-specific questions.

The Medical Response Center physicians (study doctors) are available to answer questions about the study, adverse experiences and/or other issues that study patients or their private medical doctors may have during hours when the sites are closed.

The Medical Response Center is used by some sponsors as a public relations system to answer questions about the trial that may arise within the medical community.  Specifically, private medical doctors whose patients are enrolled in a trial may seek information about the protocol and trial that their patients may not be able to provide.

The 800# Medical Response Center is a valuable tool for sponsors to enhance responsiveness and communications with the patient population and medical community within the geographic area in which the trial is being conducted.



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